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Paloma Moreno Marín

Practice areas: Restructuring and Refinancing. Audit. Bankruptcy Law.
After obtaining her degree in auditing, she began her professional activity, focused on the exercise of the audit of accounts. During this period, together with Daniel Pastor, she led the development of the audit firm Grupo de Auditores Públicos (GAP) until it became one of the top 20 most important audit firms in Spain, with delegations in the main Spanish capitals.


Subsequently, she specialized in the practice of bankruptcy law, exercising as a bankruptcy administrator and also successfully managing processes of restructuring and refinancing companies in difficulty. Thus, since 2005 she has successfully led sanitation processes for companies in sectors such as Real Estate, Training, Tourism or Fleet Management. She has specialized in corporate group contests.


Her capacity for leadership and dedication to excellent work has led her to exercise the general direction of the firm since 2013. She is the co-author of the book “The fees of professionals in the bankruptcy proceedings. Year 2013 “and author of numerous articles on bankruptcy law.


She develops an intense teaching activity in congresses, seminars and university experts in the fields of auditing and bankruptcy law.




  • Lawyer and Economist.
  • Account Auditor, member of the Official Register of Account Auditors.
  • Master in Business Viability in the Creditors’ Contest. Malaga University.
  • Expert title in Accounting and Account Auditing. Malaga University.
  • Bankruptcy, Civil and Commercial Mediator.