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Municipal Added Value tax (Municipal Capital Gains Tax): what to do next

Recently, the Municipal Added Value Tax (Tax to increase the urban nature’s land value), has resulted to be illegal
), due to the latest sentences issued, on the one hand by the Plenary of the Constitutional Court and on the other hand by the TSJA (Tribunal Superior de Justicia de Andalucía – Andalusia’s HighCourt of Justice)

Paloma Moreno, Partner of Daniel Pastor & Asociados, D. Fernando del Alcázar, Director of Economic Studies of Málaga’s College of Economists y Elena Narváez, Managing Partner of Daniel Pastor & Asociados legal department, are trying to explain this week what the Municipal Capital Gains Tax is. They are focusing on how this tax is managed by each municipality, how this tax affects citizens in various situations such as sale or inheritance, and what to do next, now that as aforementioned, the illegality of the Municipal Capital Gains Tax has been declared.
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