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The Economist Cabinet

At this occasion, Mr. Fernando de Alcázar (Director of Economic Studies of Málaga’s Economists Association) and Ms. Paloma Moreno Marín (managing partner of Daniel Pastor y Asociados) have shared a desk at the “Cadena Cope Economists’ Cabinet” with the following guests: Mr. Daniel Pastor Vega, Ph.D., lawyer, economist, auditor and President of the Chair in Business Viability and the Business Leadership’s Hall, and Mr. Miguel Ruiz Montañez, Ph.D. economist, engineer, writer and Manager of the Malagueña Transport Company.

Daniel Pastor and Miguel Ruiz intervene to talk about his latest novel, “Objetivo La Luna”, analyzing the work and commenting on where the idea of writing the book came from, as well as what is told in the book and how their professional experience has served them at the time writing it…  Listen to the full program