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Civil Law

Civil law is the set of legal rules and principles of law that regulate personal or patrimonial, voluntary or forced relations, between private or public whenever they act devoid of imperium or self-defense.


Civil Law Services at Daniel Pastor Associates:


  • Debt recovery.
  • Contractual breaches.
  • Lease agreements.
  • Evictions.
  • Family Law: Separations. Divorces. Nutritional and compensatory pensions. Regulatory agreements. Contentious proceedings. Measures Modifications. Awarding Custody. Financial Marriage Rules. Marriage contract. Liquidations of lucrative. Disabilities. Appointment of tutor.
  • Real Estate and Registry Law: Advice to developers, buyers and intermediaries in the drafting of purchase agreements, purchase option and others. Judicial and extrajudicial resolution of conflicts in real estate sales. Suppression of abusive clauses. Claim for delays in delivery, defects or constructive defects, contractual resolutions, compensation. Agents’ responsibility of the constructive process.
  • Civil liability: Claims for compensation for damages arising from non-compliance, traffic accident, work accident, liability of the Administration or medical malpractice.

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