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Bankruptcy laws

In business restructuring  or business competition we analyse business illnesses by diagnosing preventive measures or applying therapies to the detected problems. Sometimes performing an unpleasant work in seeing how hopes and ideas of people volatize due to different causes and, in other cases, satisfied of having collaborated in generating ideas, which returned to unite business fabric threads… We believe in the respect and sensitivity’s recipe with our customers.
The 22/2003 Bankruptcy Law of July in relation to bankruptcy law, regulates this type of situations in matters of business crisis. This law brings with it a high degree of specialization of the judges facing these issues, as well as the  insolvency administrators who must intervene and manage the companies in crisis. Presently our office is one of the leading references in this matter, as we are assuming charges of relevant bankruptcy administrations and we are currently preparing as well as advicing in different bankruptcy proceedings
These facets require a great qualification in the negotiation of agreements, employment regulation files, valuation reports, viability plans and / or if applicable, companies’ liquidation..

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